The Pink Line: Journeys Across the World’s Queer Frontiers, A Conversation between Author Mark Gevisser & Susan Stryker

Literary Event

September 23, 2020 - 8:00PM PDT
Online Event

Author Mark Gevisser smiles openly in this black and white photograph, with the cover of The Pink Line that includes bold black text and a pink line running vertically through the middle of the cover.

Presented by Mills College Trans Studies Speaker Series

In his book The Pink Line, South African journalist Mark Gevisser (A Legacy of Liberation: Thabo Mbeki and the Future of the South African Dream) traces a planet-spanning fissure that runs through the intimate dimensions of life, documenting the sometimes literally war-torn rift zones where so-called "traditional values" are being mobilized by states to combat trans, queer, and feminist social movements.

Join the Mark Gevisser and host Susan Stryker for a conversation about the weaponization of trans issues in these "pink line" struggles.