Stalled! Project, A Conversation between Joel Sanders, Seb Choe and Susan Stryker

October 21, 2020 - 5:00pm PDT
Online Event

An architect's rendering of an inclusive restroom design shows counters, sinks and stalls in an airport. Black and white headshots of the designers are on the right side.

Presented by Mills College Trans Studies Speaker Series

Joel Sanders (professor, Yale School of Architecture, and principal, Joel Sanders Architects) is founder of MixDesign, an inclusive design firm that tackles social justice from a design perspective. With Seb Choe (associate director, MixDesign) and team member Susan Stryker, Sanders will be discussing the Stalled! Project, which proposes public toilet design prototypes that can accommodate a wide range of users. MixDesign’s more recent work explores the need for post-pandemic designs for college campuses.