Music Improvisation Ensemble Concert

Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 8:00 PM PDT
Presented by Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music, with University of California Berkeley Music

All Music From Mills Classes events are free and open to the public.
This semester, all events are being hosted online.

H I G H  F I D E L I T Y   M U S I C   M O D E

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Our final concert is a collaboration project with Professor Zeena Parkins’ Music Improvisation Ensemble II at Mills College and Professor Myra Melford’s composer/improviser group at UC Berkeley. This is a project that Parkins and Melford have wanted to do for many years and ironically here we are, in – hopefully – the final stages of the pandemic, still on Zoom, offering our work. 

Please join an online recepetion immediately following the presentation.

From Mills College

Kristian Dahlbom      computer electronics, small objects and voice
Sam Regan                eurorack synthesizer
Desiree Tatarazuk     acoustic harp and voice
Maisha Lani                guitar and voice
Cory Sibu Tripathy     drums and electronics

From UC Berkeley

Hallie Smith                 violin
Kevin Lo                       flute
Adrian Montufar          flute and voice
Andrew Blanton          drums and electronics
Nathan Corder             electric guitar

And special guest: Alfred Jimenez - trombone

1 Sam Regan/Kevin Lo

2 Maisha Lani/Hallie Smith

3 Cory Sibu Tripathy/Andrew Blanton

4 LINEALOGY  Sam/Hallie/Nathan/Andrew/Kristian


5 METEOROLOGY  Adrian/Kevin/Maisha/Desiree/Cory



6 No hay banda for solo Trombone (2020)  Alfred Jimenez    

7 Desriee Tatarazuk/Nathan Corder

8 Kristian Dahlbom/Adrian Montufar

9 Ensemble Improvisation

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