Obi Felten — Innovation Lecture

shooting for the moon, embracing failure, learning fast

Presented by Northeastern University Global Experience Office
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Marilyn McArthur Holland Theater, Lisser Hall — Oakland, California

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Mills College at Northeastern University text logos in white overlayed on a photograph of the arches and seating of Lisser Hall on the Oakland California campus. Photo by Lawrence Riley

How can we apply technology to help solve the big challenges of our times, such as climate change and healthcare? How can we create an innovation culture in any organization, small or large? How do we deal with failure gracefully? How do we learn fast? How do we bring the brightest, most diverse people to the table to invent the future we want to live in? 

Obi Felten will share stories and insights from her career in tech, from the early days of ecommerce to launching Chrome and Android at Google, working on moonshot projects at Google X, and setting up her mental health startup Flourish Labs.