Signal Flow — Mills Music Now

Music Event

Saturday, March 12, 2022, 7 – 10pm PST
Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall & Online

Signal Flow — Mills Music Now

Presented by the Mills College Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music.

This event open to the public, both in-person and via live stream.
Registration, opening February 2022. 

Capacity is limited and Proof of Vaccination is required.
Face Coverings are required, at all times, in all venues.
For more info and a list of accepted documents visit: Mills College COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Live Stream link will be provided on the day of the event.


Signal Flow is a student-run collective music festival held every spring for all graduating MFA and MA students from the Music Program at Mills College. 

Signal Flow 2022 takes place Saturday March 12 at Mills College, and will include performances by Adam Troy, Angie Edwards, Jefferson Doyle, Krishna Jhaveri, and Stan Summy. Pieces may be theses in composition, electronic music or improvisation and can take many different forms: installations, solo improvisations, chamber pieces and more. 

Born out of the creative community circulating through The Center for Contemporary Music (CCM), the festival was formed in 2002 to create a memorable event celebrating graduating students‘ months of hard work, practice and research during their time at Mills College. 

For over 50 years, The Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) has been a leading force in the conception and production of cutting edge electronic music. The CCM was established in 1966 after The San Francisco Tape Music Center partnered with Mills College and moved its activity to the campus. In the CCM, many groundbreaking systems, techniques and electronic compositions have been conceived and created. The center has served as an exceptional environment for experimentation and research within the field of electronic music, not only in creating systems and techniques but also in the presentation and conceptual development of electronic music performance.  Signal Flow 2022 not only celebrates the individual accomplishments of it’s graduating music students, but also the collective spirit embedded in the fabric of the CCM. We look forward to seeing you at the show! 

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