A color photograph of the Littlefield Concert Hall, with colorful frescoes around the ceiling and ornate chandeliers hanging down. A grand piano sits on stage.
Mills Music Now Presents
Varvara Tarasova — Dewing Piano Recital

Sunday, April 14, 2023
3:00 PM
Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall, Music Building

An improvisational ensemble of including keyboards, harp, violin, cello, drum set, saxophone are arrayed across a stage for a Mills Music Now concert in Oakland, California. Photo by Robbie Sweeny.
Mills Music Now

From improvisation to world music to experimental sound art, this concert series pushes the boundaries of music as we know it.

An Oakland author speaks to an audience.
We Are the Voices

The We Are the Voices We Have Been Waiting For project connects Mills students with artists to collaborate around art and scholarship.

A black and white photograph of Pauline Oliveros seated in the Mills Concert Hall. Photo by
Music in the Fault Zone: Experimental Music at Mills College (1939 to the present)

An extraordinary four days of concerts celebrating the Mills College Music Department.

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