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two circles hold portraits of Alli Warren and Cedar Sigo, with the logos of We Are The Voices and City Lights Live!
We Are The Voices and City Lights Live! Present
Alli Warren + Cedar Sigo

Thursday June 4, 2020
5:00 pm
Online Event

A cartoon of Uncle Sam standing before and calling upon three people with their hands raised
Mills College Dance and Theater Studies Department Presents
2020: A Few Questions

A Radio Play
Listen on June 15, 2020.

John Bischoff sits at a desk in an orange purple light. he is controlling a computer and surrounded by other instruments - midi keyboard, ukulele, tambourine
Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music Present
John Bischoff and Zeena Parkins-Laetitia Sonami Duo

New Date to be Determined
Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall

A clarinet player and keyboardist perform a multimedia piece before a projection screen at a Mills Music Now concert in Oakland, California.
Mills Music Now

From improvisation to world music to experimental sound art, this concert series pushes the boundaries of music as we know it.

A performing artist speaks before an engaged audience.
We Are the Voices

The We Are the Voices We Have Been Waiting For project connects Mills students with artists to collaborate around art and scholarship.

Actresses with the Oakland-based Ubuntu Theater Project clutch hands during a performance on stage on the Mills College campus.
Artist in Residence

Now accepting applications for 2020. Mills performing artist residencies support artists who represent the Bay Area’s rich diversity.


Fields of colors splash a the frame making triangles and lines of color - descending light blue to cobalt to red amber to green. Adv. Audio Recording Culminating Projects Spring 2020 A collection of music and images created remotely by students at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. Class taught by Christopher Davidson.
An image of an online instrument built by Mitch Stahlmann, four golden bars are stacked running horizontally on the left side of the frame, an askew blue square overlaps the top two golden bars and a orange ball overlays the bottom two. Seminar in Computer Music Culminating Projects Spring 2020 Digital music from the deepest parts of the web made with black market externals and sounds conjured from the net. Class taught by Kristin Galvin.
Chari is pictured in profile, gazing out of the left frame of the photo. Behind them is a sunset ranging from purple to orange. Signal Flow Festival 2020 Highlights from the March 2020 festival showcasing new works in music and sound art by graduating master’s degree candidates from Mills' Music program.
Two female performing artists rehearse a modern dance piece, like that which Mills alumna Shirley Mordine taught in her Chicago-based dance company. Mills Dance Alumna Shirley Mordine Feted by Chicago Tribune “Any semblance of modern dance in this city is because of Shirley Mordine,” declares the Tribune in a compelling retrospective on her storied career.
A young woman reads into a mic from an open book. Mills Awarded Mellon Foundation Grant for Humanities Project With the Mellon Foundation award, Mills students and faculty will launch a multi-year project to connect with local and national performing artists.

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