Photographs of the performers - Myra Melford in black and white seated at a piano keyboard, back to the camera; Zeena Parkins dressed in a white jump suit viewed through the strings of a harp; William Winant playing timpani in a museum atrium. Images are overlaid on a color photograph of the mural in the Littlefied Concert hall by Ray Boynton. Performer images courtesy of the artists.
Center for Contemporary Music Presents
Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, William Winant

Mills Music Now 
Originally broadcast on October 29, 2022

A color photograph of Laetitia Sonami, dressed in a dark suit coat and dark shirt, playing a built electronic musical instrument consisting of a standing metal circle with three wires crossing the center opening. Photo by Robbie Sweeny.
Center for Contemporary Music Presents
Laetitia Sonami, with SUE-C, Paul DeMarinis, and James Fei

Mills Music Now
Originally broadcast on February 4, 2023

An improvisational ensemble of including keyboards, harp, violin, cello, drum set, saxophone are arrayed across a stage for a Mills Music Now concert in Oakland, California. Photo by Robbie Sweeny.
Mills Music Now

From improvisation to world music to experimental sound art, this concert series pushes the boundaries of music as we know it.

An Oakland author speaks to an audience.
We Are the Voices

The We Are the Voices We Have Been Waiting For project connects Mills students with artists to collaborate around art and scholarship.

A black and white photograph of Pauline Oliveros seated in the Mills Concert Hall. Photo by
Music in the Fault Zone: Experimental Music at Mills College (1939 to the present)

An extraordinary four days of concerts celebrating the Mills College Music Department.


Meredith Monk flips her braids up into the air with a gentle smile on her face, eyes closed. She is dressed in a black top and in front of a grey background. Photo by Christine Alicino Meredith Monk emerges from shutdown with a magical blend of music and dance A review of the Nov. 13, 2021 concert premiere of Meredith Monk's newest interdisciplinary work, Indra's Net, at Mills College. From the San Francisco Chronicle.
Garth grimball stands to the left of the image, their hips and shoulders shift apart in with a curved spine, thier eyes are looking down at thei wrists rising up past their hips. Photo by Robbie Sweeny Photography. A Perspective: The Space to Dance A perspective by alumni and adjunct faculty member Garth Grimball '13 considers the demands of the new world order. Presented by KQED.
Casey Thorne dances outside, feet on bare ground, surrounded by tall grasses and a mountain on the horizon. Dressed in an orange dress, their left knee locks in behind a deeply bent right leg, with their right arm draped long over the left, reaching for the ground. Project Pulse: A Dance Research Experience An article by alumna Casey Thorne '18 investigating the clinical art and science of pulsology through dance.
An array of objects sit on a wooden board: a upside down spiral whisk, a portion of a coffee caen. A green rubber mallet is striking the board near some blue and pink tape. a left hand floats sensitively over the board. Photo still from video. Prototypes II — Fred Frith and Sudhu Tewari A video with Professor Emeritus of Music Fred Frith and current Lisser Workshop Technician Sudhu Tewari demonstrating a variety of built instruments. Presented by the Center for New Music.
Tomeka Reid sits with their cello in a projection of red and white cross hatrches Mills Music Now - Tomeka Reid with Selina Trepp and Adam Vida An online concert broadcast on September 19, 2020. Presented by the Mills College Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music.
A right foot, in a black leather show steps forward over a blacktop sidewalk, blurred by the speed of walking. Photo by Steed Cowart. Contemporary Performance Ensemble Concert Spring 2020 A ZOOM concert, broadcast on May 6, 2020. Ensemble directed by Steed Cowart.
A cartoon shows three bodies back to the viewer with their hands raised, a standing Uncle Sam gestures to their questions. Design by Trevor Polcyn. 2020: A Few Questions, a radio play. Documentary play written and produced by the Spring 2020 Theatre Production class, directed by Victor Talmadge. Released on June 28, 2020.
The ornate silouette of the air vent in the Mills College Music building, interposed with the title "X Sound 2020" X Sound Festival 2020 Graduating Mills music majors present original compositions and sound art, under the direction of Zeena Parkins.
Fields of colors splash a the frame making triangles and lines of color - descending light blue to cobalt to red amber to green. Adv. Audio Recording Culminating Projects Spring 2020 A collection of music and images created remotely by students at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music. Class taught by Christopher Davidson.
Chari is pictured in profile, gazing out of the left frame of the photo. Behind them is a sunset ranging from purple to orange. Signal Flow Festival 2020 Highlights from the March 2020 festival showcasing new works in music and sound art by graduating master’s degree candidates from Mills' Music program.

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