Contemporary Performance Ensemble Concert

Music From Mills Classes, Fall 2020 
Wednesday, December 9 | 8:00 PM PST
Presented by Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music

Contemporary Performance Ensemble

Steed Cowart, director

Cory Tripathy: vibraphone, percussion, and video editing
Eric Glick Rieman: piano, percussion
Steed Cowart: keyboard, percussion


Frederic Rzewski:
Thirteen Studies for Instruments (1977)

Christian Wolff:
Burdocks (1971)

Erick Glick Rieman:
Civil Rights Music (2020)

John Cage:
But what about the noise of crumpling paper which he used to do in order to paint the series of "Papiers froissés" or tearing up paper to make "Papiers déchirés?" Arp was stimulated by water (sea, lake, and flowing waters like rivers), forests (1985)

All Music from Mills Classes events are free and open to the public.
Fall 2020 events are being hosted online.

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