Music Improvisation Ensemble Concert

Music From Mills Classes, Fall 2020
Tuesday, December 15 | 6:45 PM PST
Presented by Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music

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Kristian Dahlbom, electronics, cell phone
David Padula, wordsmith, cell phone
Cory Tripathy, percussion, cell phone
Tomeka Reid, cello, cell phone


Eve Beglarian:
In Huts and on Journeys (2017)

Cory Tripathy:
For Four Players (2020)

George Lewis:
Shadowgraph (2012)

Tomeka Reid:
Untitled (2020)

David Padula:
Eulogy (2020)

Kristian Dahlbom:
LCD (2020)

All Music from Mills Classes events are free and open to the public.
Fall 2020 events are being hosted online.

You can learn more about the music programs and courses involved in the series by going to the Music Department Undergraduate and Graduate pages located on the Mills College website. For questions about the class concert series or accessibility, please contact the Mills College Music Department by emailing