Music in the Fault Zone: IONE, Hege, Hutchinson, Wilsey / Sarriselka / Gamelan Encinal / Las Sucias

Mills Music Now
Thursday, April 21, 2022 | 4:00 PM PDT
Presented by Mills College Music Department and Center for Contemporary Music

Festival Program

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The opening afternoon concert in Lisser Hall begins with Pauline's Dreams, Ione’s (author, playwright/director, poet, and sound-artist) sonic and visual evocation of Pauline Oliveros’s creative spirit. Oliveros (1932–2016) was the first director of the Mills Tape Music Center (1966–67, later renamed the Center for Contemporary Music) and Darius Milhaud Professor of Music at Mills (1996–2001).

Saariselka, a sonic collaboration between composers Marielle Jakobsons (MFA, 2006) and Chuck Johnson (MFA, 2009), captures the evocative and inclusive spirit of Oliveros’s Deep Listening.

Gamelan Encinal will perform works by John Cage and Daniel Schmidt.

And Las Sucias, the feminist noise reggaeton duo (Danishta Rivero, BA, 2010 and Alexandra Buschman-Román, MA, 2012), will conclude the concert.