Foodwise: Can We Eat with Our Ancestors?

Thursday, November 4, 2021 | 6:00 PM PDT
Presented by The Center for Student Leadership, Equity & Excellence at Mills College.

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Join us for a lively discussion about the nexus of diasporic foodways and family histories with Koby Song-Nichols. Koby is a PhD candidate in history and food studies at the University of Toronto. His current research examines how Chinese food and foodways have fed intercultural, intergenerational and diasporic relations and communities in the multicultural cities of Toronto, Montreal and Phoenix. Through learning from community wisdom and amplifying Chinese Canadian and Chinese American voices, his research aims to help us recognize and reimagine the many ways that we all relate to each other.

Foodwise: Exploring Foodways Beyond the Margins is a program series sponsored by the Center for Student Leadership, Equity and Excellence at Mills College. Foodwise explores topics in food and culture beyond the mainstream. The series features speakers from within and outside the Mills community, whose work investigates themes such as diasporic food studies; indigenous foodways; preserving culture in marginalized populations; and the roots of food traditions around the world and locally.