Past Mills Music Now Guests

We have been pleased to welcome a broad range of composers, musicians, performing artists, and scholars as part of the annual Mills Music Now series. These past guests have included:


The Del Sol Quartet (Darius Milhaud Concert)

Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Wilfrido Terrazzas

Mills Performing Group, Anthony Braxton 75th Brthday Celebration

Du Yun (Jean Macduff Vaux Composer-in-Residence)

Brian Connelly (Dewing Piano Recital)


Concert Series:

Amaranth Quartet


Maria Chávez

The Schimscheimer Family Trio

duo B

Las Sucias with Latetia Sonami and Zeena Parkins

Mills Performing Group

David Behrman

Joanna MacGregor

Mary and Tony Bianco Lecture Series and Artists-in-Residence:

Michael Pisaro

Jennifer Lacey

Jon Leidecker

David Grubbs

Severine Neff

Gustavo Matamoros

Okkyung Lee


Eclipse Quartet

Nicole Mitchell


Janet Schmalfeldt

Sara Davies Buechner

Ashley Fure


Robert Taub

Jennifer Curtis

Cheryl Seltzer

Rara Tou Limen Haitian Music and Dance Troupe

Kris Davis and Craig Taborn

Women’s Antique Vocal Ensemble

Bonnie Jones

Suzanne Thorpe

Alvin Curran

Kyle Bruckmann


Rafael Toral

Dohee Lee

Judy Dunaway

Anne Hege

Carl Stone

Chad Curtis McKinney

Kala Ramnath

Barre Phillips-Jacques Demierre-Urs Leimgruber Trio


Hild Sofie Tafjord

Mills Performing Group with Lindsey Cooper

Mills Performing Group with David Rosenboom, William Winant, and Jinku Kim

The William Winant Percussion Group

Blood Moon

The Hub

CalArts musicians

Hilda Paredes

Barry Douglas


Annie Lewandowski and Tim Feeney

The Hub

Shudder: Phillip Greenlief, Kyle Bruckman, Lance Grabmiller

Ken Ueno


Carl Ludwig Huebsch

Mark Applebaum

David Wessel and composter from the Center for Contemporary Music

Gloria Justen

Gianna Abondolo

Daniel Lockert

Sara Ganz

Belle Bulwinkle

Robert Schwartz

Shira Kammen

John Driscoll

Tim Hodgkinson and Dans les arbres

Jean Madcuff Vaux

Marc-André Hamelin

Eyvind King and Fast Forward

Mills Performing Group with Rozalie Hirs


Now Hear Ensemble

Reinier Van Houdt

Jack and Ben Wright

Bonnie Jones and Andrea Neumann


Mary Halvorson Trio

David Tudor

Mills Performing Group with Makiko Nishikaze and Lois Vierk

Paula Matthusen

Mills Performing Group with Joan Jeanrenaud and William Winant

Simone Dinnerstein

Eclipse Quartet

Jean Madcuff Vaux


Magda Maya and Tony Buck

Keith Kirchoff and Eric Glick Rieman

Bryan Eubanks and Cat Lamb

Luciano Chessa

Bill Hsu

Gregory Lenczycki

Bill Evans


Jean-Philippe Collard

Laurie Anderson and Jean Madcuff Vaux

The Adorables

Tim Perkis and composers from the Center for Contemporary Music

David Behrman

Salomé Chamber Orchestra

Farallon Recorder Quartet


Jason Kahn

Magda Maya and Tony Buck

Tim Feeney and Vic Rawlings

ANTIMATTER / Xopher Davidson

Josef Van Wissem

Zachary Watkins

Ikue Mori and David Tudor

Myra Melford, Nicole Mitchell, and Tomeka Reid

Mills Performing Group featuring the Mills Percussion Group

Gianna Abondolo

Ursula Oppens

Composers from the Center for Contemporary Music: John Bischoff, Chris Brown, James Fei, Maggi Payne,

Les Stuck

Mills Performing Group with the Eclipse Quartet and Thomas Buckner

Sandra Soderlund


John Leidecker

MURAL / Jim Denley and Kim Myhr

Matthew Goodheart

Jen Baker

Dana Reason

John Butcher

Carsten Seiffarth

Music’s Re-creation

Eclipse Quartet with William Winant and Robert Schwartz

Joel Ryan and Evan Parker

David Dunn and David Tudor

Jack O’ The Clock

Molly Thompson

CK Ladzekpo and Thione Diop

Mills Performing Group

Robert Ashley, Sam Ashley, and Jacqueline Humbert

Yasunao Tone with composers from the Center for Contemporary Music

Robert Schwartz

Pauline Oliveros


Theresa Wong

Thollem McDonas

SF Tape Music Collective

Mills Performing Group

Bobi Céspedes

Stephen Vitiello with composers from the Center for Contemporary Music

Imogen Cooper

Bob Ostertag and David Tudor

Viktoria Mullova

Julia Wolfe and Jean Madcuff Vaux

Mills Performing Group with the Eclipse Quartet

Wayne Horvitz, Kanoko Nishi, and Lê Quan Ninh with Chris Brown, James Fei, Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, and Beth Kuster